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Building Investments Inc. is a real estate development and investment firm that buys, develops, rents, and holds multi-family and mixed-use apartment buildings in fast growing Ontario real estate markets. We specialize in Market Research, Land Acquisition, Planning & Design, Financing, Construction, Property Management, and Private Investment Opportunities.

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Building Investments Services

Value Creation Strategy

Identify Growth Regions

High GDP, Job Growth & Population Growth

Major Transportation Improvements for Ease of Accessibility

Attractive Affordability Index for Professionals & Quality Renters

Identify The Property

Close Proximity to Major Transportation Hubs

Desirable Location for Long-Term Growth Potential

Major Upside Potential with Higher Rents and Value

Wealth Protection & Tax Shelter Strategy

Develop Property Development Plan for Highest Returns

Fund the Project with Accredited Investors

Structured to Maximize Tax Efficiency, Flexibility, and Benefits

Value Creation Development & Investment

Design for Highest Income and Increased Equity

Build or Major Renovate the Property for Greatest Return on Investment

Refinance & Repay a Portion of the Investors’ Initial Equity Quickly

Hold for Long Term Growth and Passive Income

Professional Property & Asset Management

Maximize Net Operating Income (Increase Rents, Reduce Expenses)

Asset Management Overview with Comparable Assets

Retain Great Tenants & Target Zero Vacancies

Exit the Property

Private Loans Refunded Quickly

Return of Capital during Refinance Events

Exit if Presented with Irrefusable Offer

Refund All Investor’s Capital, and Hold for Long Term Cash Flow

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We turned to a young real estate entrepreneur, Nick Legault, and what did investors get? Excellent management and an ROI of 26% per annum over a 44-month period.

-Bruce M Firestone
Founder of the Ottawa Senators
Private Investor

I personally recommend this company and trust them with my money to earn profitable returns for me.

-J. Paul Mears
Private Investor

Nick does an amazing job of identifying, analyzing, and buying the right property for cash flow. I can honestly say he works for the client’s best interest.

-Jerry Dechnik
Private Investor