Building Investments

Winner of the prestigious 2017 awards from the Real Estate Investment Network



The Corporation

Building Investments Inc. is a real estate development and investment firm that buys, develops, rents, and manages multi-family and mixed-use apartment buildings in fast growing Ontario real estate markets. We specialize in Market Research, Land Acquisition, Planning & Design, Financing, Construction, Property Management, and Private Investment Opportunities.

The Expertise

If you are looking to buy, invest, or build a rental property in Ottawa or Hamilton, we can help you get through the process. We design, build, and manage luxury rental properties that is sure to yield the maximum passive income and equity growth.

The Passion

We have a passion for renovating, designing and building large investment properties of high quality for current and future generations. Ultimately, our focus and promise is to provide the best properties to the best people, being our clients, tenants, and communities.

The Uniqueness

We are unique in that for every project, we layer three levels of economic overviewmarket, neighborhood, and property economicswith an engineering approach to the development process, to ensure your real estate asset provides stability, predictability, and profitability.