Top 10 Renovation Tips to Maximize Your Profits

“How much profit should I make on a renovation?” was the question from a friend of mine who owned a single detached home and another townhouse property they rented. She was telling me that her husband doesn’t know which end of a hammer to use.  As a result, they always had to pay someone to […]

How to find great tenants and avoid the bad ones?

“How to find a reliable tenant who treats my property with respect, doesn’t disturb neighbours, pays on time, stays forever and does not cause any trouble?” – is the question every property manager, landlord or soon-to-be-landlord will ask at some point. Here are 11 principles to keep in mind when looking for high-quality tenants. 1) […]


The day has come: you have completed your development project, or renovation, or simply bought a rental property that’s vacant. You’re tired of spending, and now it is time for solid cash flow! This is definitely exciting, but how do you determine the amount of rent to charge your tenants? Is it $625? $1475? $2395? […]

How to Start Investing in Real Estate?

One of our blog subscribers is a successful business owner and a family man with children.  He understands all the benefits of owning real estate investment, like passive income, strong capital preservation, tax efficient asset, and value appreciation over the long-run. However, he has this nagging fear and doubt about making the plunge. At the […]

10 critical steps to renting out investment properties in Ottawa

Renting out a property for the best price and finding a quality tenant who pays on time and respects the space can be a challenge. As Ottawa continue to expand, there is a higher demand for rental properties. Landlords want to get the top dollar for their property with minimal headaches. We know how it is done! […]