Real Estate Planning and Design

“Penny wise, and pound foolish” is a common occurrence with uneducated real estate investors. As an example, many try do the planning & design themselves to save a few thousand dollars, and generally miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential profits.  Just like you wouldn’t do brain surgery on yourself to save […]

Real Estate Terms & Definitions

Knowledge is always a good investment! Without knowing common terms and definitions, real estate can be more challenging that needs to be. That is why you want a quality team who will help you navigate through all stages of your project. To help you, we want to share some of the terms that we use […]

The List: Residential Construction Cost

No project goes without challenges, including construction! It is crucial to estimate and include all the costs required for your construction project.  How do you keep your expenses and costs in line without missing anything? Since Building Investments had completed several development projects, we would like to share with you the Residential Construction Cost list. […]

5 the Most Profitable & Upcoming Areas in Ottawa and Why:

A Building Investments Inc. neighborhood economic analysis. Here are the Top 5 Ottawa Neighborhoods to invest in right now! This information is the results of our in-depth market research and neighborhoods’ insights. HINTONBURG & MECHANISVILLE 2016 average price is $436,000. 2011-2016 average price increase is 26.9% Rent Range: 1 bed $1275-$2950; 2 beds $1645-$3210 Target […]