10 critical steps to renting out investment properties in Ottawa

Renting out a property for the best price and finding a quality tenant who pays on time and respects the space can be a challenge. As Ottawa continue to expand, there is a higher demand for rental properties. Landlords want to get the top dollar for their property with minimal headaches. We know how it is done!

10 critical steps we use to rent out properties quickly & find A+ tenants:

    1. It is best to complete a rental market analysis to determine the rent scale for a type of property in the neighbourhood. The goal is to get our clients a higher rent* than they had it listed for before.
    2. No property will be rented without consistent rental advertising and marketing. Daily, we advertise properties on various online platforms, up to 15 websites. The listing is always on top page.
    3. Assessing your property, we find something of value that will increase the price of rent. Do you have parking or storage? Furnished property? Brand new appliances? Pet friendly? In-suite laundry? Those are just a few things that tenants are willing to pay more if marketed properly.
    4. It is essential to get the property in the move-in condition that fit our model of “the best property for the best people”.
    5. Our team has access to relocation networks that only 1% of property management firms have. We are talking about high-end tenants such as DND, military, OPP, RCMP and IT sectors who are moving to Ottawa for work.
    6. The showings are done by our team to save time and close the deal quickly.
    7. We thoroughly screen tenant applications using our 3-step screening process.
    8. A 12 or 24 month lease is there to protect you and your property.
    9. Clients receive a full & complete rental package with all the required utility forms.
    10. We are committed to provide an exceptional customer service and support to our clients and to their future tenants

Here is the advice from us: at this time of year it is crucial to price the properly accurately and rent it faster, rather than listing it for the higher price and losing a month’s rent that will cost you time, money and effort. Clearly, vacancies are not fun. Professional services can save you money and get more rent, because they know how to do it right.

Contact us and get a complimentary property evaluation to determine what can be done to maximize your rental income and rent a property quickly. There are no obligations.

Reach us at info@buildinginvestments.ca

*with a proper 60-day notice, we generally can get unit leased up without any vacancy; depending on the unit condition at the move out, as well as the time of year.